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The Captains Program

Program Description

The CTSMD “CAPTAINS” Program is an experiential volunteer opportunity for students and young adults (ages 16 and over) that is designed to develop and foster skills of leadership, integrity, character, support, communication, and initiative. The CAPTAINs acquire skills through active participation in all of CTSMD’s activities, while staff members serve as their mentors. Experience in assisting with classroom and camp exercises/activities, stage management responsibilities, assisting in costuming/makeup needs, learning “front-of-the-house” management skills, and working in the technical theater (lighting, set, props, etc.) will greatly equip each CAPTAIN with vital skills one needs to be well versed in performing arts education.

The CAPTAINS Program is a model for promoting positive group dynamics, inspiring creativity, and fostering a nurturing, caring, and creative environment for all children. This program will also serve young adults looking for community service hours, as well as high school & college volunteer credits (as approved by their respective educational institutions)

Vetted CAPTAINS will have a one-on-one interview with the CAPTAINS Program coordinator, Aly Cross, to determine selection for the program. If selected, the CAPTAIN will then undergo a training session, and earn his/her HIGHLY coveted CTSMD “CAPTAIN” t-shirt!

Age Group

16 years and up

Minimum Commitment

• [3] hours of class assistance/week
• [3] summer camp days/week
• [15] hours of rehearsal assistance on productions
• All tech rehearsals
• All production dates

Prospective CAPTAINS must first apply for the position through the CTSMD website. *NOTE* Each applicant must agree and adhere to CTSMD’s Covid-19 policies and procedures, as well as all safety protocols as stated by the organization. In addition, a background check must be passed by any individual that wishes to be accepted into the program. 

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